Just Released: Meet Lexica.art – A Massive Database Of AI-Generated Images 



If you’re one who’s looking for inspiration for your next AI-generated artwork, you should check out this website called Lexica.art. It’s a massive collection of millions of Stable Diffusion images including its text prompts people used to create them. The web app is pretty basic and neat with a simple discord link, a search box, and of course the images.


The way it’s described by the developer Sharif Shameem, is a search engine for AI-generated images and prompts. For instance, you can enter “astronaut” in the search box if you’re interested in seeing artworks related to an astronaut. What’s great is you’ll see the exact prompt used to generate the image on the left side. You can copy and remix these text prompts to create even cooler results. According to Sharif, Lexica is serving 100 GB of images per hour and is growing rapidly.


Lexica’s search engine is now 100% powered by CLIP. This means your search query will likely have thousands of matching Stable Diffusion images. You can also search by image similarity too.


God Mode

You can toggle the Grid Layout mode to quickly view hundreds of images on one page. Click on each photo to see the parameters like the prompt, seed, etc. You can even move the slider to change the size of the image previews. I like this mode better than the List view.

Read the full article at: medium.com