AI technology at warp speed: ChatGPT is the fastest growing app of all time



OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in history. This is according to a UBS study (via CBS News(Opens in a new tab)), which claims that ChatGPT had 13 million unique visitors per day in January 2023, which is more than double the visitors it had in December 2022, just a month earlier. ChatGPT has only been around two months (can you believe it?), and it already has 100 million monthly users, the study concluded.

The study, which cites data from analytics company Similarweb (Opens in a new tab), positions ChatGPT well over other fast-growing apps such as TikTok and Instagram. In comparison, it took nine months for TikTok to reach 100 million monthly active users; for Instagram, it took two and a half years. “In 20 years following the internet space, we cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app,” USB’s analysts wrote in the study.
The report comes just a day after OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus, which is a paid version of the chatbot. It costs $20 per month, offering users access to ChatGPT during peak usage times, faster response times, and priority access to new features.

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