youChat – A new, open conversational AI platform like ChatGPT but additionally knows about recent events and can provide citations in its answers



youChat has similar capabilities as #chatGPT but advances the AI field of large language models by incorporating the you search and app platform. youChat knows about recent events and can provide citations for its answers.


  • With youChat, we hope to solve two issues in search
  • Making search more intuitive, helpful, and faster
  • Making LLMs more reliable


youChat is the 4th and biggest wave of generative AI within the @YouSearchEngine – this year alone, we’ve introduced generative AI models to create texts, code and images.

youChat responds to your prompts like an AI sidekick that reads, writes, and summarizes information for you.


  • Get info in easy-to-understand sentences, not a list of links
  • Understand complex concepts
  • Get ideas for Christmas gifts, essay outlines, or coding problems


While youChat will be more often up-to-date and truthful than other large language models, it still makes mistakes. Hence we’re releasing this in beta. We hope that having citations, apps and web links alongside chat will enable users to verify facts easily.

This is just the beginning. A much improved version will be released soon with even more unique features. AI breakthroughs in in 2023 will completely change how people think about search engines.

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