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The Singularity, often referred to as the Technological Singularity, is a hypothetical point in the near future at which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so incredibly advanced that it surpasses human intelligence, leading to rapid, unforeseeable changes in society and technology, life as we know it. The term was popularized by mathematician and computer scientist Vernor Vinge and futurist Ray Kurzweil.


At the Singularity, AI systems would possess the ability to autonomously learn, self-improve, and create new AI systems with very advanced capabilities and more intelligent than themselves, resulting...


A futuristic demonstration of emerging renewable energy material – printed solar cells, is being trialled in a public setting for the first time as it nears commercial readiness.


Creator of the organic printed solar material, Physicist Professor Paul Dastoor from the Faculty of Science said his team were excited to take their ‘science to the streets’ in what represented significant progress toward commercial availability of the material. “Globally, there’s been so few of these installations, we know very little about how they perform in a public setting. This installation is...