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The metaverse continues to not only capture the attention of various international organizations but also attract a high amount of investment dollars and act as a catalyst for the entrepreneurship ecosystem. While some experts consider it a concept and others see it as a movement or escape, the CAGR and market size it is estimated to reach clearly signal it to be a product and a service poised to disrupt the human-computer experience as we know it. The metaverse global market, which was valued at $22.79 billion in 2021,...


OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E and ChatGPT, has released a free tool that it says is meant to “distinguish between text written by a human and text written by AIs.” It warns the classifier is “not fully reliable” in a press release and “should not be used as a primary decision-making tool.” According to OpenAI, it can be useful in trying to determine whether someone is trying to pass off generated text as something that was written by a person.

The tool, known as a classifier, is relatively simple, though...


Do you want to craft a logo design that will help your brand break through the competition? Let these logo design awards examples get you started!

Logos Inspire Successful Businesses

Every business expert knows the importance of a logo. It’s the face of the brand in the eyes of the world and, over time, the logo becomes synonymous with the brand identity or product itself, making it impossible to think of one without thinking of the other. In fact, 75% of consumers recognize brands by...


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The thread discusses the upcoming "Prompt Palettes" feature for ChatGPT, which will provide users with pre-written text prompts to help with tasks like formatting raw text, summarizing text, and serving as a programming assistant. The feature will use OpenAI's GPT-3 Codex models, and is similar to a "brushes" feature being developed by Github Copilot Labs.

ChatGPT will soon drop a new feature – Prompt Palettes!

They're pre-written text prompts to perform tasks like
- format raw...


Over the recent weeks, millions of people have tried the new AI chat released by OpenAI, built on an upgrade of GPT3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The tool uses a neural network to generate responses from data sourced from the internet. OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, also built and released the currently free DALL-E – an AI-generated art form.


By creating an easy user interface, the ChatGPT likely has many educators wondering about the future of learning. This platform will be rapidly improved when next-generation...


Welcome to the “Awesome ChatGPT Prompts” repository! This is a collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model.


The ChatGPT model is a large language model trained by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text. By providing it with a prompt, it can generate responses that continue the conversation or expand on the given prompt.


In this repository, you will find a variety of prompts that can be used with ChatGPT. We encourage you to add your own...


Want to give ChatGPT a try? Here are 10 cool things you can do with ChatGPT including writing music, debugging code, and more.


Do you know about ChatGPT? It’s a powerful and versatile language processing tool that can do some pretty cool things. From having a conversation with a virtual assistant to generating text based on a prompt, ChatGPT can be used for a wide range of applications. In this article, we’ll explore some of the cool things you can do...