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The thread discusses the upcoming “Prompt Palettes” feature for ChatGPT, which will provide users with pre-written text prompts to help with tasks like formatting raw text, summarizing text, and serving as a programming assistant. The feature will use OpenAI’s GPT-3 Codex models, and is similar to a “brushes” feature being developed by Github Copilot Labs.

ChatGPT will soon drop a new feature – Prompt Palettes!

They’re pre-written text prompts to perform tasks like
– format raw text to markdown
– summarize text
– be a programming assistant
– add text from a link as context

How it works and EXACT prompts are pre-written bits of text that accentuate a user’s input for a specific task.

It’s like a magic button for text explained only by pre-written instructions. Here are the prompts to “format” and “summarize”. You should be able to add your own too.

— ChatGPT Coding Assistant —

is slightly different from Prompt Palettes but seems like a pre-written addendum to a query to serve as a one-shot way to focus on a specific vertical task.

This might be forcing the use of GPT-3: Codex explicitly–

Prompt palettes act on a specific message, and ChatGPT is adding a nifty “Add text from link” feature which will allow you to, say, summarize websites easily.

Prompt palettes aren’t new! Github Copilot Labs has been working on a similar magic “brushes” feature that integrates directly into VS Code. They use OpenAI’s GPT-3 Codex models too.

Prompt Palettes will bring these powerful new LLM features to the mainstream of 1 million users! 2023 has just begun for AI.

Thanks to @eeeziii for the idea of reverse-engineering ChatGPT (he did this too)!

ChatGPT is a minified React app with chunked JS that uses Server Sent Events with /conversations to stream the meat of the output. It uses text-davinci-002-render with 4097 max tokens.

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