We provide additional subscription based services to make sure your business  maintains and grows its value.

What is included in subscriptions?

Support. We gather feedback, ideas and requests. Then we review, research and find investigate possible application solutions in order to keep your business competitive and innovative.


Hosting. We provide advanced website hosting services, with special server configuration according to your needs. Subdomains, server optimisation and server data are some of the features we offer. 


Blog curation. We curate your blog by adding new relevant to your business articles periodically.


Social media posts. We review your posts, suggest content, and repost your blog content to keep your brand’s social media presence updated.


Newsletter. We maintain your newsletter system for your subscribers keeping your brand on the radar of your audience.


AD Fraud Prevention. We set up and maintain a system preventing google ads, Facebook and Twitter advertisement fraud/spammers.


Consulting. We consult on business-related questions and project management.


SEO. We keep website content up to date with business goals and search demand.


Google Ad Campaigns. We maintain google campaigns to get the maximum of the campaign’s budget.