and Brand Identity

Your brand is what people think of you. Branding is the process of building what people think of you. Improve people’s perception of your brand’s reputation. 

How We Work?


Business Research

Each business has unique conditions, and we want to understand the conditions to create the most suitable strategy. We organise meetings to discuss your business, its offering (services and products), history, business processes, and other related topics.


Market Research

We analyse the market, target audience, business competitors, stats, and other information. Based on the data and analysis, we define innovation opportunities for your product and services, create promotion strategies and define endorsement opportunities.



We implement our strategy in forms that may include branding identity (brand name, logo, generic applications), website, CRM & apps, advertisement, influence marketing, social media, newsletters, and print materials. We are thrilled to celebrate the launch with you at this exciting stage!


Holistic Approach

We analyse your business to ensure our strategy will benefit and reach its goals.


We monitor implemented system and adjust it to improve its key metrics, e.g. lead generation, number of visits, and user engagement on the website.

We're Team Players

We commit to supporting You and your business, celebrating your achievements or giving a hand in need.

“Brand  is a customer’s perception of a product, service, or company; a commercial reputation”

Marty Neumeier

Brand identity is the look of a brand. It’s the visual component of a brand that represents its ideas and vision.


Brand identity includes logos, typography, colours, packaging, and messaging. It completes and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand while drawing new customers to it. Brand identity makes current customers feel at home, too — it’s both outward- and inward-facing.


Brand identity must be consistent. Because it’s representing and reinforcing the emotions of a brand, the message portrayed by brand identity components needs to be precise. It needs to be the same no matter where it’s displayed: on social media posts, websites, advertisements — you name it!


To manage brand identity effectively, organizations stay consistent while still flexible to succeed in today’s market. Components of this system might include a style guide (which contains all approved versions of logos, typography styles/fonts), software/apps that help track which version of each component has been used most often (and where), employee training programs that make sure employees understand why these things are important.


Why does a business need Branding?

Branding is more important than you think. Your brand may seem like it consists only of elements such as logos and colours to somebody. Still, your brand is the entire identity of your business. Your brand gives you personality.


A strong brand helps customers identify with your business and feel secure when purchasing from you. It also helps to create consistency between different marketing channels so that customers know what to expect from each one of your marketing efforts.



Branding isn’t just about colour schemes or fonts — it’s about creating an experience for the customer. A great example of this is Starbucks’s green “siren” logo, which has become synonymous with the company in people’s minds (even though there are no sirens in Starbucks’ stores!).


  • More people will recognize your business
  • Branding helps build trust
  • Improve your advertising
  • It’s great for your employees
  • Branding creates loyal customers