a brand that stands out

epaxia provides technologically advanced business solutions

In our new Telecommunications and Hi-Tech services endeavour, epaxia needed a Business name, a Brand Identity and well-thought Branding that works with an innovative marketing model.


Unovation proved to be a precious assistant. Their methodology and meticulous approach were an unprecedented experience for us. To begin with, we have created a Business Model, followed by a Brand Identity and a Brand Messaging system. In the second stage, unovation designed a website system and the SEO for us. In addition, we developed the plan for our Online Presence and the communication with our customers.


Finally, the marketing strategy has been organized and applied through the design of our Marketing Calendar. Our vision and mission are clear now. We know why we do what we do, what is our goal and how to rich it. We continue to work with Unovation on a monthly basis. We would undoubtedly recommend it to anyone who wants to raise their company to a new level.


The fresh and modern positive style goes in line with innovative epaxia solutions.

Works completed

Business Model, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Web design, Online Marketing and presence.