TSSO Brand Identity

Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra is one of the two most important symphonic ensembles of Greece. The orchestra’s extensive repertoire includes works from the Baroque to the avant-garde compositions of the 21st century

tsso brand identity

Orchestra’s weekly schedule accessible to the visually impaired


A special embossing technique has been designed and introduced by me in 2003 for the printed material of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra. Since then, the visually impaired audience were able to have access to the orchestra’s weekly schedule, by reading the second page, using the Braille* writing system.

For the same reason the awarded by the national design awards EVGE, semestrial orchestra’s schedule, included an audio cd with the schedule delivered vocally.

*Braille is a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired that is used for books, menus, signs, elevator buttons, coins etc.

tsso brand identity