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Experienced professional practitioners in the field of Design, 3D, Visual Communication and Marketing.


Working with the Experts

You are an expert in Branding, Design, Marketing, 3D, VR, AR or Business applications. You want to collaborate with the best around the world.

You are not sure if you are pricing your work correctly.

Your clients ask you for more things that you don’t provide yet.

You are afraid of tomorrow as your best client may seek design elsewhere.

You are tired of the back-office work.

You never really got into SEO, paid advertising, online PR and SM.

We will back you up with a strong design brand that consists of experts with experience.

We will cover you for services you don’t have the expertise to provide yet.

We will take care of your back office and marketing.

We will help you with the everyday business problems you are facing. 

We will provide feedback on your designs if you require one.

We will assist you with the communication with your client. 

We will do the pricing and invoice the client.

You will get 80% of the price for your jobs if you decide to use the unovation brand.

You will get 10% of the prices for the jobs you bring to unovation, and you don’t have the expertise or don’t want to work on them.


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